We Are Makers Travelers

We're Megan and Tyler—thanks for joining us

We're a husband-and-wife tag team that left our advertising / marketing jobs in Portland to go explore the other side of the world. Why would we do something like that? Well, you may need to know the kind of people we are to understand that.

makers travelers about us boat life


Megan is 12-parts impulsive, 18-parts high-spirited and has an otherworldly fascination with cotton candy and carnival games. She's a doer, a dreamer and lets her heart drive a lot of her decisions—an attitude best summed up by an idea she had one morning to start a shave-ice stand that resulted in an Amazon purchase for a shave-ice machine that afternoon.

makers travelers megan carnival game


Tyler is a pragmatic realist (some may say cynic) that thrives on routine and control. He's the type that finishes his chores before he plays, packs weeks before a trip and would 9/10 say "before you buy it, let's make a business plan" to something like Megan's shave-ice "dream"—but the Amazon account's in her name.

makers travelers ice machine  tyler


During a Friday date-night in early February, we were both drained. Tyler's job contract was expiring, and Megan had a long weekend of work ahead. In a moment that exemplified her spontaneity, Megan suggested we leave the country and figure out a way to not be so stressed. Tyler immediately launched into a barrage of questions to dissuade her: "What about the dog?" "What happens to the house?" What about money? "What if we..."

Tyler stopped and finally understood what Megan was saying. This was less about the "what if" concerns he had right now, and more about the "what if we don't do this?" question we'd each have in 10 years. 

A couple drinks later, and we were buying tickets to Bali instead of dessert.



From there, Makers Travelers was born

Makers Travelers is how we're "branding" our trip (marketing people 4-life!) It's what we came up with after we decided to travel with goals in mind:

makers travelers about us business cards  

Our 1st Goal-We need to make something: For years, we've been super good at starting projects, but our rate on finishing stuff is a little big iffy. During our travels, we want to take our relationship with wrapping-things-up to the next level.

Our 2nd Goal-We have to meet new people: We love making new friends, but we're also very reserved at first. We need to constantly coax ourselves out of our comfort zone, and figured, "Hey, why not do that 10,000 miles from where we feel comfortable!"


And so we're off. We're starting our adventure in Bali, and from there…who knows. All we know, though, is that we're happy to have you and hope you enjoy it.