10 Tips for 30 Hour Flights

May 27, 2016

10 Tips for 30 Hour Flights

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Megan's 10 Tips for 30 Hour Flights


I’m writing this on a Bejing layover during the 26th hour of our 35-hour trip to get to Bali. Going that long without a shower, fresh air or a bed will turn anyone into a beast, and some people simply choose not to travel because the "getting there" part can be so mentally and physically draining. So, after learning from lots of international hours in the air, I’ve pulled together some of my tips to make a 30+ hour flight more b-air-able (you see what I did there?)


I will preface this post my admitting these journeys are easier for me because I’m small (Tyler suggests this is the ONLY reason) and, much like a caged bird, the moment I throw a blanket over my head I immediately fall asleep. Tyler doesn’t have it so easy—he’s a very anxious flier. Once, he thought if he got himself drunk he’d pass out and wake up at our final destination, but he ended up just having to pee a lot and landed in Spain 12 hours later hungover.


TIP 1: BYOB—Bring Your Own Blanket

Yes, you’re provided with “fabric” that resembles a blanket, but let’s face’s basically the scraps they use to make hamster bedding. They’re staticy and cling and roll into a wad every stinkin’ time.



TIP 2: An Inflatable Pillow

The keyword here’s “inflatable.” Much like the airplane “blanket”, that sad flap of stuffing they leave on your seat is only a pillow by name. Regular neck pillows are great, but scream “narcolepsy” when you’re holding one outside the context of an airplane.



TIP 3: Drink Up

Do not let that flight attendant pass you by without you getting your sip on. The snacks on these flights come highly salted because your taste buds don’t work well in a pressurized cabin, so you’re basically mawing on a salt lick one tiny polymer package at a time.



TIP 5: Brush ‘Em

For real. Same rules as when you’re on the ground. Your seat mates will appreciate it, and it will make you feel more refreshed.



TIP 6: Dress for Success

I’m usually freezing or melting 4 hours in, so dressing in layers can help you adapt accordingly. Also, my feet swell like crazy, so wear shoes that slip on and off easily for bathroom trips.



TIP 7: Treat Yo Self

I have been known to sleep through meal services, but having a few preferred snacks on hand helps you prevent a hangry situation—not to mention intaking less salt.



Tip 8: Hand Sani

Planes are a germ’s best friend, and you’re 100% going to sit next to the guy coughing without covering his mouth. Help prevent Contagion 2: Electric Hackaloo by keeping your hands clean without needing to wash up in the bathroom every 30 minutes.



Tip 9:  Eyemask/Earplug Combo

This has been a game changer. During one of the greatest moments of our lives, Tyler and I got bumped to first class on a flight from Italy. They gave us travel kits containing these two items, and I haven’t looked (or heard) back since. Earplugs are great to block out the snorers, babies and the person next to you who won’t.stop.talking. An eyemask will help fool your body into thinking it’s bed time, and is also a great way to block out the person next to you.



Tip 10: Seat Roulette

This requires luck. When traveling with someone, reserve the aisle and window seats in the same row but leave the middle open. Why?…because the middle’s the worst! And the further back you go, the less likely someone will choose your row. However, if flight’s full and someone ends up sitting between you, you still have all the power. Who wouldn’t say yes to a window seat!?! It’s like you’re giving them a get out of jail free card for something amazing…the ability to lean against a hard plastic shell for 15 hours straight!



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